Cara Delevingne is a british model. She was born in 1992 in London. She's also a style icon and a itgirl. Her sister Poppy Delevingne is also a model and a style icon.
She has already worked for Burberry, Chanel, H&M, Dolce& Gabana, Fendi,...

I think her style is true perfection. Every outfit she wears just looks amazing.
She's definitely a style icon. And of course, she's so pretty.

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little inspiration for december



i think you need at least one of these things this winter :

  • big jeans jacket
  • black leather jacket
  • fake fur
  • skinny leather leggings
  • black dr martens
  • bikerboots
  • parka
  • big sweaters

what stuff do you have this winter?
is there something you can't live without this winter?
what do you do on boring winter days?

i'd love to know what you're doing this winter! tell me!            



 I know i didn't write anything for a long time ,but what should i say .... I#ve got a lot to do.
I 's gonna be winter !!! And I#m excited about it. And for sure I will eat COOkies ....
What would you do in winter , any plans?? Show me !♥

 kisses car ♥♥



 I think you known this song already , but this is a really good remix from Reich & Bleich .
Listen to it ,it' s awesome!!
kisses car ♥♥


this is what makes us girls..

It's normal for girls to put make-up on, but isn't it also a bit crazy?! I mean, does it show that girls don't feel pretty without make-up?! Do we need to paint our face to look pretty? Is the natural beauty completley forgotten or does natural mean putting just a bit make-up on that you don't see it?? And why do men not putting make-up on? Another question: do we put make-up on, because every other girl does it? 
... I don't really understand it. I mean we feel pretty when our face is painted that's crazy!!


What do you think?!



inspiration post: august

It's time to find ourselves, it's time to realax, have some fun and to enjoy the moment!

It's summer!



photos (not mine) *click*




summer playlist 2012

Finally it's summer!!! I'm soo fucking happy. The weather's great, the moment's perfect...
So, I do the only right thing: sitting outside, listening to music , reading some fashion magazines.... Everything's just perfect and I thought I need to show you my playlist for this summer :

Maybe you can tell me some of your favourite songs for summer. I' d love to know them!!




Sometimes we waste to much time to think about someone
who doesn't even think about us for a second -Wiz Khalifa

Hands up!


I don't know how old this photos are, but I still know that I took them on a boring day... I think our hands are very important for us! So, hands up in the air and enjoy every moment!
by kim


do it yourself

Hey, whats up
today  I 'm so  tireeeeeed ,do you know what  I mean ?! Mhhh ,but I  have lots of time to think what i want to do . And I've got a speccial idea , i want to make  my own bag , it must be a little bit boho and hippi.
I want to show you a photo ,that you can imagine ,but i found nothing like this ....
                             car ♥



pics: tumblr

Today I thought I could make a post about food. I really love food so I guess that's the reason why I had this idea. I think the best thing of the world is chocolate!! I can't tell you how much I love it.... But that's enough of what I think!! Which kind of food do you like? What's your favourite food? Tell me!!
Lots of love, kim!!