this is what makes us girls..

It's normal for girls to put make-up on, but isn't it also a bit crazy?! I mean, does it show that girls don't feel pretty without make-up?! Do we need to paint our face to look pretty? Is the natural beauty completley forgotten or does natural mean putting just a bit make-up on that you don't see it?? And why do men not putting make-up on? Another question: do we put make-up on, because every other girl does it? 
... I don't really understand it. I mean we feel pretty when our face is painted that's crazy!!


What do you think?!



  1. i think that now so many girls say that: "i wear make-up, because when i have it i feel more comfortable and pretty" in my opinion girls should be more natural, but everyone has an opinion :)
    really great blog, and absolutely love your photos!
    greetings :*

  2. Nice thought. I do wear make-up but normally I go to the school with no make-up at all and I don't really care what other thinks, indeed I hate the girls that go extremely painted, in spanish there's an expression when someone is wearing too much make-up, we say 'she looks like a door' haha
    I loved this post, keep posting!
    Thanks for your comment and I'm following, I hope you'll visit me soon
    Have a nice day xxxx

    1. I really understand what you want to say :)
      ..and thanks for following ♥

  3. well i think it will be better to apply makeups on in special occasion but i dont think it is necessary to use makeup everytime you go out, some people overly use makeup and they look fake! anyways both girls look beautiful and fab! <3 x

    Letters To Juliet

    1. I know what you mean!
      Nice thought!! :)

  4. La chica es guapísima al natural, pero para las campañas es normal que las maquillen!

  5. This looks great, really nice style.
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