one day...

                            Today, Kim & I  think about our blog and we think it'  was time to do our own photo's.
                           So here they are , hope you liked them ....
                         How Kim just said in the last post ,this summer will change lots of hope you
                            just so full of summerfeelings like kim & I .
                           In summer you have time to think & sometimes i think , I would be an other person
                          But then when I saw my family and my friends I know, that I can't have a better live!!
                          So at last : what happens , happens and we can just try to make it a little bit better!
                                                    kisses, car ♥


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  2. nice post! ♥

  3. I LOVEEEEE this idea! Especially the one with the quote on the ground about the clouds. Amazing. Check out my blog and lets be blog buddies!


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